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The Terror

by Dan Simmons Read by Simon Vance

      "Whoever starts out toward the unknown must consent to venture alone" - Andre Gide

Captain Sir John Franklin and his crew of 129 men set sail to discover the Northwest Passage. Their ships Erebus and Terror were the elite of any fleets. They featured the most advanced features such as retractable iron rudders, steam powered propellers and steel reinforced hulls. These vessels were designed to outlast the harshest known conditions. With three years of provisions in their hull the crew set sail on their ill fated journey.

Those who were on that expedition were never seen again, for their lives were lost somewhere in the deep, dark, icy crevices of the Netherlands. There are few known clues that were left to piece together the puzzle of the crew's last days. Dan Simmons' The Terror attempts to recapture the horror and anguish that was suffered by all who partook of this deadly voyage. The grizzly words that are used to describe this black mark in history will send chills up your spine.

The Terror depicts a long, drawn out tale of what might have transpired in the last days of an adventure that never achieved its final destination. There are parts of this audio that can be overwhelming to try and digest. What keeps the listener drawn to the final end is the fact this event was based on a real life event in history.

The Book

Hachette Audio
March 14, 2007
Audio CD - Abridged edition
1600240763 / 978-1600240768
HIstorical Fiction - 1840s Arctic
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Reviewed 2007
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