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Then We Came To The End

by Joshua Ferris

      The nice thing I like about Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris is the sense of humor which focuses on the antics of corporate America. Mr. Ferris made me laugh, and from the first page I was hooked.

Then We Came To The End is about a Chicago Advertising Agency, and the adventures that happens at the agency. Every office is downsizing, so as each person is eliminated from their job, the saga continues.

There is humor, of course, gossip, couples secretly meeting and many different plights going on. Most of the happenings in this novel are about what really goes on behind closed doors in an office setting. Not only do you have the stress to keep your job, but you have other stresses - getting along with co-workers, the politics, and the stabbing in the back.

I enjoyed the sense of humor Mr. Ferris shared. I thought the book was going to be boring, but that was far from the truth. If you want to read an entertaining book about the havoc and chaos of working, then this is the book for you. It was very enlightening to the very end.

Mr. Ferris has an extraordinary writing style, and I was pleased to read this book. I recommend a read with a touch of reality in the world of corporate antics over coffee breaks, and hoping that you are the last one standing when the budget overload begins the eliminations.

An excellent read for Mr. Ferris as his humor takes a delightful turn.

The Book

Little, Brown & Company
March 1, 2007
ISBN 10: 0316016381
ISBN 13: 978-0316016384
Contemporary Fiction
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The Reviewer

Carol Ann Culbert Johnson
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Reviewer Carol Ann Culbert Johnson is the author of I Confess, Rejection, and Articles for the Soul. Coming soon is Torn Between Two Lovers, I Confess 2, Everything and More and Don't Shoot the Messenger. She is also the author of nineteen (19) short stories for the confession magazines.
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