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Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul

by Joseph S. Spence, Sr., Shelia M. Parrish-Spence, and Jonathan Clarence Parrish Spence

      The Spence family (Joseph S. Spence, Sr., Sheila M. Parrish-Spence, Jonathan Clarence Parrish Spence) has released the second volume of their inspirational poems in Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul. The poems are a collaboration between a father, a mother and their son (Joseph, Sheila, and Jonathan respectively). The bulk of the poems are by Joseph, the father, but, though fewer in number, Sheila’s poems are well written and touch the heart. Her poems about her family are especially touching.

This time the Spences divided the book into section such as "The Seasons of Beauty", "Prayers for Life’s Events", "Family, Love and Relationships", and others. There is something for nearly everyone in this collection.

Joseph Spence has even invented a new poetic form: the Epulaeryu, a poem dedicated to delicious food. Some of his poems in this genre will make your mouth water.

I wonder if the explanations below each poem are necessary. Sometimes they rob the reader of reacting to the poem by providing the intended message. Whether this is true or not, I found the poems uplifting. Not one poem had a negative message.

The poems by son Jonathan were well written, but I was surprised at the small number of his poems in the collection. I look forward to other collections when Jonathan surely will produce many more poems. This is a nice collection for reading and meditating.

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Publish America
October 2006
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Willie Elliott
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