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The Trophy Wives Club

by Kristin Billerbeck

      Kristin Billerbeck does an amazing job showing the contrast between a life with God and an amazingly shallow one without Him. The Trophy Wives Club is an outstanding Christian based chick lit novel. I absolutely loved this book and the characters are such a hoot!

The Trophy Wives Club is a fun book to read with fun characters and deep insight and meaning. I highly recommend this one!

Haley Adams met Jay Cutler shortly after graduating from college in Pasadena. She was twenty years old and Jay was almost forty, but Haley loved him and married him for what she believed would be life. She truly believed Jay to be her Prince Charming. She had no idea she was merely Jay's trophy wife.

Jay Cutler is a Hollywood producer and life in Hollywood is like one big heaping pile of drama over absolutely nothing. Haley was thrust into the Lion's Den, otherwise known as Hollywood, upon marrying Jay.

After seven years of marriage Haley is blindsided by the abrupt end of her marriage, dumped by her husband because she can't play the game correctly. Jay throws her out of the house, changes the locks and cancels her credit cards before she even has a cent to her name.

Hamilton Lowe is the attorney overseeing the pre-nup agreement Haley had signed before marrying Jay. A settlement of $10,000 per year of marriage. That's it! Not a lot when you were married to a multi-millionaire.

Hamilton gives Haley a flyer for a Support Group/Bible Study called "The Trophy Wives Club". Haley decides to attend, but only because she wants revenge and thinks that in this group of scorned women she will find delicious details on how to get Jay where it really hurts. But when Haley attends her first group meeting she discovers this group of women is not what she expected them to be. Instead of revenge, Haley finds God's grace and a chance for a bright, independent future. Instead of looking for Prince Charming to make her a Princess and to make all things in her life bright and beautiful she discovers she's a daughter of The King and doesn't need a Prince Charming after all.

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Avon Inspire / Harper Collins Publishers
September 1, 2007
Trade Paperback
Chick Lit / Christian
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2007
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