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The Way Life Should Be

by Christina Baker Kline

      The Way Life Should Be is a fun, insightful, fast paced novel with comforting cooking imagery. It is an enjoyable book filled with humor, wisdom and great Italian recipes.

I enjoyed taking this journey with Angela Russo. I enjoyed sharing in her ups and downs as she strove to rebuild for herself a new life in the wilds of Maine.

Thirty-three year old Angela Russo is an Italian-Irish-American who lives in New York City and works at the Huntsworth Museum as an event planner. She has "il regalo" the gift of cooking Italian food as taught to her by her grandmother. It is one of the few things she knows she can do well.

Angela joins the dating site, and she widens her search to reach up the East Coast. Moving up the coastline the pickings get slimmer. But, she meets MaineCatch, a.k.a. Richard Saunders, who just happens to live in Maine. The stories he tells Angela reinforce her fantasies. The little cottage, the rocky coast, the solitude. Dissatisfied with her life in New York City, she loads up her car and heads to Maine thinking she may have found her soulmate in MaineCatch.

Angela's expectations do not match the reality she discovers upon arriving in Maine. Things just aren't going as she thought they would and things don't work out with MaineCatch.

The path Angela followed to get to Maine was swept away by the tide. As Angela begins to rebuild her life it's the small details that interest her most. In searching for a simpler life she finds meaning and purpose to her life, a way to connect her past to her future and she finds satisfaction and contentment.

The Book

William Morrow, An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
July 31,2007
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2007
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