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Wishing You Well

by David Baldacci
Read by Kate Burton

      Can Baldacci pen the beauty of a mountain as well as he illustrates a murder scene? Can he draw out listenersí compassion as well as he taps into their fears? In Wishing You Well, Baldacci surpasses his gift of political suspense. Listeners can expect a stirring, illustrative drama of survival and healing.

Wishing You Well is narrated by 12-year-old Lou. She starts by telling listeners where her parents were in their relationship just before a tragic car accident. She also explains why she feels the way she does about her mother. The story is set in 1940, during a time when relatives helped their own without thinking twice. After the accident, Lou and her 7-year-old brother, Oz, are sent to Virginia to stay with family. Being from New York City, they find life in the Appalachians different, but in a way, the presence of their catatonic mother is an emotional support - for Oz anyway. Oz is shy and adorable. At one point, Oz swings a certain item over his mother he is sure will make her normal again. Lou, being practical, is harsh with him about it - a sign that she no longer believes in hope, only survival. And thatís what Wishing You Well is about - the emotional survival of two adolescents. Itís drama at its finest and very, very touching.

The audio version is read by Norma Lana with an afterward by Baldacci. Baldacciís descriptions of the Virginia Mountains are personal; the characters are complete and sympathetic. Both are expressive and picturesque - an absolute pleasure to listen to. Wishing You Well is one audio book destined to be a memorable one. Share it with your friends.

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Hachette Audio
April 2007
Audiobook - Audio CD - Abridged edition
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2007
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