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The Writing On The Wall
The First in a Series

by Hannes Artens

      Hannes Artens is a gifted and talented author. He writes with great insight and wisdom.

The Writing On The Wall is the first in a series. It is an in-depth book that will make you stop and think and is not a light or fluffy read. It is filled with oomph. It is an interwoven tapestry of complex circumstances and insights into a future world soon to come. Listen up, the writing is on the wall.

President Jim Whitman is the fourty-fourth President of The United States. He enjoyed more freedom of choice as a POW in Vietnam than he ever has or ever will as President to The United States.

America has abandoned her principles and changed a noble society into lawlessness and anarchic savages. The Country has changed, its people have changed and nothing is as it used to be. Americans feel foreign in their own society and find it is no longer a place they want to live. A revolution has occurred overnight, without notice and without a single shot fired.

An atomic war has begun. Within seconds a million people have perished, many more will soon follow. The magnitude of this disaster is inconceivable. Over the past few years mankind has witnessed the breakdown of everything they had built: social, political and economical. But the events of 11/11/11 are the culmination of all their fears. The onset of Worldwide Tribulation has begun. America, already in financial and political shambles, faces an inescapable decline even further into the abyss.

Never in the Country's long tradition of overseas assignments have so few risked so much for the sake of so many. It is a desperate gamble!

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Cosmos and Polis Press
November 2007
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2007
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