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The Abduction of Adam Danik

by Ron Karcz

      Jack Danik makes no excuses for his past. He has weathered some rough times: a lost singing career and minor run-ins with the law. Jack’s biggest heartache is missing his son, Matthew. Occasional companionship ensures Jack’s heart won’t be mangled in another failed marriage or losing a child after divorce. Paula Schultz knows what she wants from life also: she wants Jack. Fifteen years her senior, he is drawn to her; Paula’s determination both amuses and flatters him. Their friends see them as the happiest couple, but Jack soon sees another side to Paula. She turns on the charm at will, but somehow, she seems to just mark time with him. Her disinterest is the sign he needs to end their relationship. Then she drops a bomb: she’s pregnant. Jack cannot lose another child. He asks Paula marry him.

Adam grows into a sweet kid who loves time with his dad. They enjoy boating whenever Jack can pry his wife’s hands off their son. Paula either fights with Jack or acts like a disapproving roommate. She disappears for bizarre shopping trips with her girlfriends. Jack explains away her odd behavior because he wants to keep their family together. His heart breaks, for what he thinks is the final time, when he discovers Paula is cheating on him. She’s chased other men over the years, but Jack can’t keep up the pretenses any longer. He’s been unhappy for too many years and wants a divorce. Paula thwarts Jack’s attempts at an amicable divorce at every turn. Her true behavior blooms, and Adam becomes a playing piece in a devastating game.

In The Abduction of Adam Danik, author Ron Karcz writes of a father’s powerful love for his children and the heartache suffered from lost custody. The story travels from present day to remembrances of past events. Though the story has occasional problems with point of view, the reader will feel the love, desperation, and heartbreak experienced by a non-custodial parent. The Abduction of Adam Danik shows the tragedy when bitter custody cases sever the relationships of parent and child.

The Book Publishing
March 2008
1602641420 / 978-1602641426
Fiction / Miscellaneous
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NOTE: Minor language

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