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The Appearing
In the End Is Our Beginning

by Kristen Wisen

      The Appearing is an enjoyable and thought-provoking book.  It gives a glimpse of the last days and the tribulation, and gives the reader a lot to ponder.  A truly engrossing novel with great writing and great character development throughout.

The great tribulation has begun - tribulation like the world has never before seen.  Several families of Grace Church of Shelton, Michigan, are now living in makeshift homes hidden in the mountains of North Carolina, in the middle of nowhere.  This is where they will remain until they die or are enraptured at Christ's second coming.  Since the arrival of the Antichrist, they have had little contact with the outside world.

America is no longer the same country it once was.  It is a culture that now tolerates everything except Christianity.  All standards concerning morality and ethics have been replaced with religious bondage.  The Domestic Investigations Unit (DIU) spies on churches and shuts them down if they preach anything outside the walls of their church. They also monitor what is being preached.

Soon it is discovered that a DIU agent is living among the families in their hiding place.  The mark of the beast has been instituted, and anyone refusing the mark of the beast is put to death.  The streets are lined with the dead, and the world is in a complete state of chaos.  DIU agents are zooming in on the elect, but who will get to them first, the DUI agents or Jesus' appearing?

The Book

Credo House Publishers
May 1, 2008
Christian Fiction
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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