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The Appearing
The End is Our Beginning

by Kristen Wisen

      If you're fond of Jenkins' / LaHaye's Left Behind series, you're going to love The Appearing by Christian Author, Kristen Wisen. Michigan's Grace Church takes God's Word literally, especially the verses in Matthew 24 where it says to look for the signs of the times and at a certain point go hide and await His coming. In preparation for such an event they have bought land that includes caves and turned them into homes for those who want to sell everything and move. They know it sounds radical, but time is short, because the word is that by March 15, it will be too late.

Now living in caves with their families, teens Emma and Adam never dreamed it would happen in their lifetime, but it's come to pass—and March 15 brought the world a stunning announcement. The international leader, who has incredibly brought peace to the world, has united the world's money system into a single currency and is now demanding every single person either take the mark, including the numbers 666 on his forehead or hand, or build personal altars to his likeness. If they don't they'll be killed. It's as simple as that.

But there are other dedicated believers from Grace Church who didn't hide themselves, and those who are hiding worry for their safety.

From this reviewer's viewpoint, this work should not be considered mere fiction. It witnessed with my spirit in every detail, and should be a warning for us to take end days prophecies seriously and to prepare in every way. I would not walk but run for your copy of The Appearing. I'm going to buy copies for my children and others to loan out. This is one time when knowing the whole truth can save our very lives.

The Book

Credo House Publishing
March 2008
978-0-9-9787620-8-7 ./ 0978762088
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Nancy Arant Williams
Reviewed 2008
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