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The Art of French Kissing

by Kristin Harmel

      Young, beautiful Emma Sullivan works as a public relations professional in Orlando, Florida, until suddenly she loses her fiancé, best friend, and job. Accepting a short-term assignment helping another friend, she decides to leave for Paris, France, to do PR work for an eccentric rock star known for his outrageous publicity stunts.

Emma soon discovers that Paris is a magical place where apparently all men are handsome, single, great kissers, and interested in her (at least to some degree). Best of all, the term "conflict of interest" seems to get lost in translation from English to French, because she and the other characters in the story can perform their various job functions (celebrity client, publicist, newspaper reporter) without worrying about personal bias, connections, or nepotism.

If you can suspend your disbelief long enough to wrap your head around this chick-litty premise, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy The Art of French Kissing, a delightful romp through Paris told through the eyes of a lovely young woman living the glamorous life. Despite Emma hitting rock bottom in the first chapter of the book, she spends the next twenty chapters getting her life back together again. The big questions concern two men in her life: the on-paper perfect match fiancé who unceremoniously dumps her but may want her back, and the handsome French journalist who makes Emma’s professional life miserable with his special requests and challenging questions.

The Art of French Kissing provides a light, breezy, entertaining read that whisks readers away from the daily grind and propels them into a whirling romantic wonderland. Harmel creates a Paris that goes beyond being the City of Light; it’s the City of Love, Lust, and French Kissing.

The Book

5 Spot / Hachette Book Group
February 2008
Fiction / Chick Lit
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Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2008
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