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Borrowed Lives

by Laramie Dunaway

      Luna Devon is at a turning point in her life when she is shot and her best friend Wren Caldwell is killed, by a mutual friend. Luna takes her friend's death and uses it to improve her own life. While trying to improve her life, she is forced to deal with Wren's husband, with literary and educational adventures she might not be able to handle, and with the chance to write a book about a woman who killed her husband. Will Luna be able to face up to who she really is or will she continue to lead a life of lies?

Luna's character is not strongly established before she attempts a new life. It is not clear why Luna would do the many things she does throughout Borrowed Lives, especially taking on the role of being Wren's best friend. There were many aspects of Wren's life about which Luna was not aware, as often happens in the real world. Luna's having to face that reality was very well written and played out. Most of the chapters will keep readers turning the page, as most end in some suspenseful moment, only to have the next chapter not answer the question the previous chapter asked.

Borrowed Lives is a great concept and many people can relate to the need to change their lives up when something traumatic happens.

The Book

IOTA Publishing
October 2008
Advanced Reader Copy for Paperback
Fiction - General
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NOTE: Adult Language and sexual content

The Reviewer

Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2008
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