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A Novel

by Sally Gunning

      Sally Gunning’s historical novel, Bound, the account of Alice Cole’s life after leaving England for the pre-Revolutionary New England, is filled with devastating event after event. Alice lost her mother and two brothers on the trip to New England and then was indentured by her father on their arrival in the colonies.

The strength of the novel lies in the realistic depiction of events as they unfold. One crisis after another arises for Alice, and the reader is urged to read on to find out how Alice will (or if she will) deal with the latest set of circumstances.

Alice’s quest for freedom parallels the struggle the colonies are experiencing in their attempt to gain their own freedom.

The novel also sheds some light on the indenturing process, which in many cases amounted to slavery. This process plays a big part in this story and accounts for most of the trouble that Alice experienced.

Gunning has created a character with many flaws, but one that receives compassion and care from the reader.

The ending may seem a little skewed, but such is life.

The Book

William Morrow - an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
April 2008
0061240257 / 978-0061240256
Historical fiction / mid 1700s
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NOTE: Violence & Sex

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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2008
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