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Sequel to Corsair

by Tim Severin

      Two years on from the stunning events started in Corsair (also reviewed on this site) Hector Lynch and his new friends have arrived in the Caribbean in a ship they found in West Africa with her crew all dead. This is the heyday of piracy, and soon they have fallen into the hands of pirate Captain Coxon. Hector soon gets to visit Port Royal and meets Henry Morgan, falls in with a new friend in prize fighter Jezreel and is off on more thrilling adventures.

There arenít enough books about pirates considering how popular they always are. If, like this reviewer, you are hoping for a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film to sail into view, at least you can read this while you wait. Raids, shipwrecks on desert islands, life aboard a pirate vessel, sea battles and the joys of good comradeship are the themes of this book and they make for good reading. There is always something going on, and although Severin does not prettify matters this is, like Corsair, essentially an upbeat book. It is easy to see the appeal of the pirate life, and how it appealed to a very wide range of different people as a career option in a time not noted for legality. This is not a book that features many women, any more than the first in the series did, but there are a few in realistic situations. It is not another book about famous pirates like Henry Morgan either, but concentrates on the fictional adventures of its hero instead and goes about solidly delivering the goods. Whatever you want in a pirate adventure yarn, you will probably find it in here. Highly recommended.

The Book

Macmillan UK
7 March 2008
1405088907 / 9781405088909
Historical Adventure / 1679, Caribbean
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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