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The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club

by Jessica Morrison

      Cassie Moore suddenly finds her perfect life turned upside-down when her boss gives her the boot instead of the promotion she’s expecting, her fiancé calls off the engagement and, by extension, she loses her place to call home.  Suddenly, this type A woman finds herself without any of the things she has so carefully planned in her life.  So what does she do?  She gets drunk, uses her ex-fiancé’s credit card to stay at the fanciest hotel in town and books a flight to Buenos Aires.

Cassie will take you on a heartwarming, humorous, and informative jaunt through South American life.  She meets a wonderful cast of characters as she adjusts to her new, unplanned lifestyle, including her handsome handyman, Mateo, the seemingly perfect Dan, and exotic Antonio.  As she tries to find her footing in an unfamiliar city that frightens her a little, she comes to find out a lot about herself as she learns to find love again, including the unexpected love for a new city.

Jessica Morrison has created memorable and fun characters whom she’s injected into a vibrant and exciting city.  A guaranteed hit for anyone who’s a fan of good chic lit. and international adventure.

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