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Carpool Diem

by Nancy Star

      Carpool Diem is a captivating and enjoyable book to read. It is so well-written and enraptures the reader so well that the pages practically turn themselves. I enjoyed reading this book and so look forward to reading the next book by Nancy Star.

Annie Fleming is a corporate executive at PC&B and she is an expert at compressing, compartmentalizing, and just plain getting things done. Annie has a to-do-list and a not-to-do-list for each and every situation that may arise any day of the week.

When Annie is set-up and fired from her job she finds herself for the first time in twenty years without a job and worse yet she's without a plan.

For the time being Annie is a stay-at-home mom and is wondering when the house had gotten so dingy looking anyway, and what about the mess she seems to be in with her daughter and her husband? Not a problem, as a Change Management Specialist Annie finds facing and dealing with things straight-on is always the best approach. Stay focused, be organized, stick to the plan for the day. The problem is the plan has to be revised several times a day.

With her daughter on the soccer team and dealing with Winslow West, the soccer coach from hell, Annie finds that managing the soccer team and their parents is just as difficult, if not more so, than managing a boardroom. Annie finds what she’s really been looking for in the most unlikely of places - as a soccer mom.

The Book

5 Spot / Hachette Book Group USA
March 13, 2008
Trade Paper
978-0-446-58182-0 / 0-446-58182-8
Fiction / General
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