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Dad's Last Letter:
Leadership Principles for the Next Generation

by Harold "Bud" Boughton

      Dad's Last Letter is a phenomenal book. With its profound and heartfelt message it is a must read. This is a book of many things - primarily life and death and the importance of having a relationship with God. This is a book I wish I had 100 copies of just to hand out to everyone I come across - so important and profound is its message that I wish to share it with many others. I simply cannot say enough good things about Dad's Last Letter so rush to your nearest bookstore and do yourself a favor and buy this book. It is a true gem!

William Allen Lancaster is a fifty-four year old, burnt out advertising executive. Most of life has passed him by in a blur. Always busy and too much in a hurry to stop and smell the roses, William has missed out on most of life's details and the simple, yet important, things in life. Now, he sits in his doctor's office and is delivered the news that his life is about to end. He is in the advanced stages of cancer and there is nothing that can be done. He is dying.

Given just twenty-four more hours to live, William makes his way to his favorite bar. A death sentence hasn't dampened his desire for a dry martini. On his way into The Golden Pheasant, he has a life-changing encounter with a total stranger. This stranger did bring up some interesting questions that got William thinking about what it is in life that is of the most value and the most importance. Before even taking one sip of his martini William realizes what it is that is most important to him in life; it is his two sons and the next generation.

In his last letter to his sons William outlines the four basic principles of leadership sure to be effective in every area of life. The four timeless principles that can help anyone lead a more meaningful, productive, and rewarding life.

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April 5, 2005
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