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Dreamland Thriller #9

by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice

      Dreamland: Retribution, the ninth installment in the bestselling Dreamland military series, by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice, is a hot page-turner. This writing duo's forte is action with a capital A. Brown is a retired US Air Force captain who wrote his first novel, Flight of the Old Dog, while he was still serving his country. Dreamland: Retribution is his twenty-fourth novel. DeFelice has written several books of his own but has also been collaborating with Stephen Coonts.

The Dreamland series (seven books of which have been picked up by Harper) deals with an elite flying force that has been operating with the US military, but is only loosely under its command. It is a team of ace pilots (both manned and unmanned planes), support crew, and scientists who develop aircraft and weapons that are state-of-the-art. Led by Colonel Tecumseh "Dog" Bastian, the team is constantly pushed to its limits by its missions, while Bastian also has to deal with bureaucrats.

In Dreamland: Retribution, the team struggles to recover nuclear weapons that have been neutralized by the e-waves of radiation-emitting weapons Bastianís team developed. The team also searches for two team members who jumped from their damaged aircraft. Plus, Bastian has to deal with a general who wants to put "Dog" in his place.

Though I'm not a military novel buff, I found Dreamland: Retribution to be a thrilling read. I was surprised to find that, along with the details of aerial combat and specs about specific aircraft and military devices, there was intrigue and romance and even mystery. I had a great time with this book, finding new heroes among its men and women, military personnel and scientists.

I had to smile each time I'd pick up the book to read, because I felt like I was a little girl again and sneaking into the living room in my uncle's house, where all the men were gathered, telling fishing stories, hunting stories, and ghost stories. It sure was a lot more interesting to my young ears than listening to the women in the kitchen talking about who was running around with whom and showing each other their operation scars.

Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice, I think you've gotten yourself a new fan! Great read!

The Book

August 2007
Mass Market Paperback
0060889462 / 978-0060889463
Military thriller

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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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