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Dreamland Thriller# 10

by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice

      Dreamland. It is a giant complex that has been the heart of Air Force research for the past several years. Run by Lieutenant Colonel Tecumseh "Dog" Bastian, the team has completed tests on two important new weapons developments and rescue systems. The only thing they haven’t done is test them in combat. Now, it’s time to incorporate Dreamland into the military side of the Air Force.

Bastian has been replaced by General Terrill "Earthmover" Samson, who does not like Bastian. In fact, he is less than impressed with the new changes in the B1-B bomber. He feels the laser has to maintain contact with the target too long to be effective. He also doesn’t see the benefit of the unmanned Flighthawk missile carrying tracking planes. And he is skeptical of the value of MESSKIT, the flying armored suit that developers feel will enable rescuers to retrieve wounded soldiers from the fields of combat easier and safer than is presently possible.

Then, the Russians disrupt the natural gas pipeline that supplies most of Europe. The Romanian General Locusta has launched a coup to return Romania to socialism. Can the Dreamland team save freedom for Romania and the world?

Minus the profanity, I enjoyed Dale Brown’s Dreamland: Revolution. I especially enjoyed the technology described so well by the authors. It all seemed so real and so possible. I also liked the way Dreamland found an active combat role for Jeffrey "Zen" Stockard, a paraplegic pilot who was injured in the line of duty. The plot is absorbing, especially the combat scenes where the new technology proves effective. The characters are warm and human and even the bad ones have redeeming qualities. Pick up Dale Brown’s Dreamland: Revolution, and all the rest of the Dreamland series. You’re in for a treat.

The Book

October 28, 2008
0060889470 / 978-0-06-088947-0
Military Suspense
NOTE: Contains violence and profanity

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2008
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