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Empire Rising
sequel to Dawn of Empire

by Sam Barone

      Anyone who has read Dawn of Empire (also reviewed on this site) will know what a fast paced, lively tale Mr. Barone writes and perhaps be hoping for more of the same. If you are, then here it is - a generous helping of warriors charging across desert sands, rape, pillage, fire and sword. Korthac the Egyptian is back wanting revenge, and to lay hands on the walled city of Akkad that kept him out in the first volume. Leader Eskkar is off on empire-building business leaving his feisty wife Trella in command... but Korthac has plans to worm his way into her affections and take the city by stealth.

3157 BC is a long time ago, and what it was exactly like living in those far-off times is not easy to portray with any accuracy or certainty. Mr. Barone is more concerned with giving his readers a good story to read, so it is better to just dig in and enjoy yourself instead of nit-picking. There is plenty to enjoy, with a more involved story than the first book now the city is built and more than one strong female character making this a novel for both genders.

If you are a fantasy fan there are many parallels to be drawn with this and the "sword and sandals" school of writing although if history is more your bag then rest assured there is no magic involved. This is not a short book, but a lot happens on every page so expect plenty of blood and guts, sex and violence, making this a lively, and no-holds-barred epic. More please!

The Book

Century (Random House UK)
May 2008
1846050499 / 9781846050497
Historical Adventure / 3157 BC / Mesopotamia
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NOTE: Rape and pillage
US edition is different

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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