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Girls in Trucks

by Katie Crouch
Read by the author

      Girls in Trucks is a collection of tales along the path of a southern debutante's life as she goes from cotillion training through her early thirties. Several of the childhood characters follow along the way as we see the mistakes and trials that each encounters, and ultimately as Sarah, the focus of the stories, searches for some meaning to her life and the unfair, sometimes tragic, events which unfold around her and her friends. The stories offer an interesting glimpse of southern high society from an unwilling participant, and her subsequent search to find herself as an adult in New York. Humorous moments and a certain amount of sarcasm lighten things up temporarily before the next disaster strikes.

The book is read by the author in a very conversational style.

The Book

Hatchette Audio
April 7, 2008
Unabridged Audio CD / 6 CD's / 7.5 HRS
0316002119 / 978-0316002110
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Ken Reiss
Reviewed 2008
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