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The Girl With No Shadow
(UK title The Lollipop Shoes)
Sequel to Chocolat

by Joanne Harris

      The Girl With No Shadow is a delectable follow-up to Chocolat. Joanne Harris' writing skill is simply divine. If you enjoyed reading Chocolat, then The Girl With No Shadow is a must read for you. It is skillfully written and I found myself lost within its pages - it is so engrossing and delightfully entertaining.

Zozie de l'Alba has found that it is safer to stay on the move. She travels light, has her bags always packed, and has the makings of over one hundred possible identities on hand. That's how Francoise Lavery disappeared. All of her papers, correspondence, bank details, and notes were burned.

Vianne Rocher has died, but she had so enjoyed being Vianne. However, that was before that Easter that the wind changed and in with it blew a new persona, a new identity, a new invention. Having left Roux behind, nowadays Vianne is Yanne Charbonneau and her daughter Anouk is now Annie. Now Yanne also has another daughter, Rosette.

Thierry Le Tresset proposes and Yanne accepts, determined this time to stay put. Nevertheless, the memories from her past continue to haunt her. When Roux shows up and Vianne sees his face after a four year absence she begins to hear the tinkle of chimes, as the wind begins to stir yet again...

Zozie teaches Annie magic - Zozie also has very dark motives for all of her kindness.

The Book

William Morrow / An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
April 8, 2008
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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