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Holidays on Ice

by David Sedaris
Read by David Sedaris, Ann Magnuson, Amy Sedaris

      David Sedaris has updated his book Holidays on Ice. Though the main theme is Christmas, other holidays are mentioned. There is a story of what Halloween could be like in the coronerís office. Itís called "The Monster Mash," and it tells of the lively goings on among the recently dead.

Then there is a discussion of how to explain the Easter Bunny to the French. Itís titled "Jesus Shaves."

The rest are Christmas tall tales. First and foremost there are The Santa Land Diaries, which detail the good times and bad times of being an elf in Santa-Land at Macyís. Dealing with kids and parents as a photo-elf was usually challenging at best. Most of the parents behaved worse than the children. Occasionally, however, one of the children would give a stellar performance of misbehavior. Most of the stories are funny.

Then there is Seasonís Greetings from Us, a printed letter from the Dunbar family. Written after the death of their grandson, it was both sad and funny. However, any sympathy you might have felt for the family was diminished by the strong feelings of self-pity expressed by Mrs. Dunbar.

There are many others, some funny, some sad, some that were intended to be funny but fall short of the mark. "The Cow and the Turkey" is a perfect example of this. A story of a Secret Santa project among the farm animals, this tale will probably offend most animals lovers.

Though there were some bright spots, Holidays on Ice didnít quite measure up to my expectations. Maybe it was "The Cow and the Turkey," which was the last of the stories, that put me off, or it may have just been that I was tired when I listened to it. Either way, I recommend that you listen to it yourself and make up your mind.

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Hachette Audio
October 8, 2008
Unabridged Audiobook / 4 CDs
1600244874 / 978-1600244872
Fiction / General
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