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Light of the Desert

by Lucette Walters

      Noora Fendil was born on July 22, 1972 in Jordan, one of five children born with pale turquoise eyes - a rare phenomenon in this Middle Eastern world. In 1993 Noora, along with her younger sister, Zaffeera, attend college in London, always under the eye of the secret security guard their father had hired to watch them. Noora is studying to be a writer and is soon to marry Michel Amir.

Zaffeera is jealous of Noora and wants Michel to be her husband. She betrays her sister, Noora. Zaffeera sets up Noora to have apparently brought dishonor on the family name. Due to this dishonor Noora is drowned in the family swimming pool. Or at least it was believed she had died. Noora's older brother Nageeb saved his sister's life that day and helped her to escape their father and Noora's death sentence - an honor killing.

Noora's journey takes her to Alexandria, sailing the Mediterranean Sea, to the French Riviera, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii.

Light of the Desert is a fantastic book! It will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold it to the very end. I admired the main character in this book and truly enjoyed reading her story. The book's writing and character development is superb! A book that shows how the spirit strives to survive all and move forward. A truly inspiring and engrossing novel to read.

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August 23, 2007
Trade Paperback
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Connie Harris
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