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Light On Snow

by Anita Shreve
Read by Alyson Silverman

      Anita Shreve continues the trend with another masterpiece, Light On Snow.† This author is so talented her talent amazes me. She can quickly come up with these books, while readers such as myself can escape into her creativity and imagination. †

Light On Snow centers around Nicky Dillon, a twelve-year old, and her father. In a scene full of snow and winter, the two of them find a baby, and the paths of their lives are changed forever through the decisions they have to make. Thereís a reason for everything, and Nicky will grow up very fast when she tries to reason out why they found the abandoned baby.†

The cover of Light On Snow is very inviting, especially to people who are not living in the dead of winter. Ms. Shreve delivers again, and I was amazed by the talent she displayed in this shocking drama. I listened to every word, and was caught up in the web of Nicky, her father, and the baby.† Anticipation over what was going to happen next kept me glued to my bed. I was angry when I had to change the batteries because I didnít want the reading to stop.†

This is a novel of lifeís choices and redemption, and we all can relate. Buy this novel and pick up the other masterpieces from Anita Shreve, such as A Wedding In December, Strange Fits of Passion, The Weight of Water, The Pilotís Wife (Oprahís Book Club) and many others. Ms. Shreve delivers in every one of her books, and you will be glad to have taken a ride with her. You wonít be disappointed at all. Iím one of her biggest fans!

The Book

Hachette Audio
January 2008
Unabridged audio CD
Contemporary fiction
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The Reviewer

Carol Johnson
Reviewed 2008
NOTE: Reviewer Carol Ann Culbert Johnson is the author of I Confess, Rejection, and Articles for the Soul. Coming soon is Torn Between Two Lovers, I Confess 2, Everything and More and Don't Shoot the Messenger. She is also the author of nineteen (19) short stories for the confession magazines.
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