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A Line in the Sand
The Kane Legacy #1

by Al Lacy and Joanna Lacy

      With their strong Irish heritage, the Kane family has made their living working on the Boston Harbor docks in Massachusetts. Their work is hard, honest labor which provides well for their family, but Alan Kane feels as though there is something missing from his life. When word spreads that there is free land in Texas for any family or single man, he feels as if his destiny has been prewritten. He takes a leap of faith and journeys to the uncharted territory, unaware of what he will find.

The expedition is one that is hard and grueling, but oh so worth the effort once the final destination is reached. Once Alan arrives, he is deeded 640 acres of land; from that the Circle C Ranch is established. When news of his success arrives back to his brothers, Abram and Adam, and sister, Angela, they are convinced they need a change in their own lives. They decide to follow the trail to Texas that their brother has just traveled. When news arrives that Mexico is threatening war, a call goes out for Texans to defend their land. Alan and Adam are intent to protect that which is theirs and answer the call. They are stationed at a Franciscan Mission known as The Alamo. There they encounter Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, along with the Tennessee Mounted Volunteers. Will they have the strength and power to stand firm against Mexico’s leader, General Santa Anna? Or will they die for the cause they believe in?

A Line in the Sand is like taking a trip back in time. Being from Tennessee, I had a high interest Davy Crockett and the Tennessee Mounted Volunteers. Al and Joanna Lacy are two authors who know how to set an unforgettable scene. Their descriptive words paint a vivid picture of all that is transpiring. Once again, they have produced an award-winning novel suitable for the Hallmark Channel. Very highly recommended.

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Multnomah Books
November 20, 2007
1590529243 / 978-1590529249
Fiction / Inspirational / Historical [19th C Texas]
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