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Live a Little

by Kim Green

      Live a Little by Kim Green was a well-written book.  I didn’t see anything within the book stating that it was a true story, but it could have been.

What would you do if you just received the diagnosis that you have Breast Cancer?  Well like the majority of the population you would react much the same way as Raquel did, you would tell your loved ones and live your life the best that you could.  You would get your affairs in order, make your doctor’s appointments, and spend as much time with your children and husband as you could; that would be the normal thing to do.   Raquel did all of the above.  Then her doctor told her that the lab made a mistake and mixed up her test results.  She didn’t have cancer; she didn’t have anything wrong with her.  So she presented this new information to her family, but the problem was that they didn't believe her.

So she pretended that she was still sick, she pretended to go to her doctor appointments, pretended that she was receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and even went to the extreme of pretending that she was sick from the therapy she was receiving for her "Breast Cancer!"

How long can you pretend something like this? Turns out it's just as long as it takes for your biggest rival to find out and blow the whistle on you!

Enjoyed the book, didn’t enjoy the pretending part of it, but throwing that in made it a well written and enjoyable book to read.  Take the content with a grain of salt, especially if you find out while reading the book that someone in your family just was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

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August 2008
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