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The Lost Dog

by Michelle de Kretser

      Tom Loxley grew up in India and now lives in Australia. While Tom is spending time in the country to finish his novel in solitude, his dog takes off after something with gray fur, moving fast. At first Tom isn't concerned. The dog was given to running off and in time would always turn up, grinning. But after hours and then days with no sighting, Tom grows concerned at the dog's disappearance.

While searching for the lost dog Tom ponders his life experiences and his friendship with and his growing feelings for the mysterious Nelly Zhang. He is troubled by the disappearance of Nelly's husband and the suspicion that surrounds her husband's disappearance. He is also preoccupied with thoughts of his mother's failing health. He reflects on the past and ties it to the present.

The Lost Dog is a philosophical, thought-provoking book. With its interesting characters and deep meaning it makes for a delightful read.

The Book

Little, Brown and Company / A Division of Hachette Book Group USA
April 28, 2008
0-316-00183-X / 978-0-316-00183-0
General Fiction
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