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by Sherri Rifkin

      Tori Miller, a 30-something New York TV-promo producer, was suffering from a devastating heartbreak after her relationship ended with the one she was prepared to spend the rest of her life with. After being bombarded with advice by her best friend and co-worker, she receives a makeover from a new reality program whose pilot program she agrees to film, and decides to spend the summer in a Hampton share-house. Will Tori rediscover her true self, or will she be caught up in the glamour and parties that make the South Fork famous every summer?

Ms. Rifkin does an amazing job of making Tori a character almost any woman can relate to. The many party scenes in the Hamptons are realistic about how everyone who is not "someone" wants to be, but the time it takes to go from one town to another is very unrealistic. The conflicts that Tori has to deal with, within herself, with her best friend, and with her housemates—especially when Tori's secret about who she was just before the summer comes out—clearly show Tori's strength and help show others that they too can gain insight.

Lovehampton is a great summer read with strong characters and a fun setting. Ms. Rifkin should be successful with this novel and should have many more successes in the future.

The Book

St. Martin's Griffin
May 2008
Trade Paperback
Fiction - Chick Lit
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NOTE: Debut novel

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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2008
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