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The Method Eight III:
The Lord and The Serpent
The Quest For the Sin Box

by Brian Keith West

      The Lord said the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was not to be touched but the serpent had a plan and he would use man in his attempt to overcome the Lord.  It was the serpent, now the beast, which would defy men's hearts and cause them to choose between good or evil.  The war has begun.  And man is in the middle of the war between the Lord and the serpent.

Beware the sin box.  I warn you.  Beware.

The gates are now open and the horsemen are set free.  Most are just going about their ordinary everyday lives not even aware of the battle that is transpiring in the spirit realm.

Anaya, the Queen of the Method Eight is the chosen one to lead the Lord's people into heaven.  The number one rule of the Method Eight is whatever goes around comes around.  When the earth goes through the center of the Method Eight, the battle begins.  This battle is called Armageddon.  The rival forces of good and evil are set to fight the final battle of earth.

Democracy falls and the antichrist is ushered in.  Remember that what exists does not have to be seen, heard, or felt, but remembered.  Remember to evaluate the truth and eliminate the lie.

The Method Eight III is a creative story with biblical references throughout.  Even though it is a story of fiction the fight between good and evil is very real.  For those not familiar with the Bible The Method Eight III will inspire you to want to read and learn Bible prophesy for yourself.  This is the third installment in the "Method Eight" books.  It is an entertaining story of fiction mixed with a lot of truth.

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April 26, 2007
Trade Paperback
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