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Miscarriage of Justice

by Kip Gayden

      Miscarriage of Justice is a historical novel of fiction which includes many actual historical events. The text of newspaper articles involving this murder, which occurred in 1913, are real as well as many of the central characters in this novel.

Miscarriage of Justice is an engrossing novel. So well written I felt I was actually there during this time and knew the characters personally.

Walter Dotson met Anna Dennis during the Red Boiling Springs Christian Camp in the summer of 1896. One year later they married.

The ideas behind the growing women's suffrage movement appealed to Anna. As a liberal minded woman, she believed women should be allowed a greater say in the conduct of their own lives, as well as that of the nation's. Anna was a free and independent woman - in her mind even if not before the law.

Walter, aside from being a doctor, serves on the city council and is an elder in his church. Always having time for everybody in Sumner County except his wife.

When Charlie Cobbs moves to town he likes the notion of adding a high society woman like Anna to his list of conquests; and Anna is very much interested in Charlie. After a year-and-a-half-long affair, the rumors begin to circulate through town and Anna's reputation is ruined. Women have no rights. Walter is free to take her children away from her and throw her out into the street, if he has a mind to. And there is no recourse for Anna.

On the 15th of March, 1913, Charlie Cobbs is murdered in the barbershop where he works. The charge was first degree murder in this sensational shooting, as the trial began on June 17, 1913. After a 7 day trial, the jury deliberated throughout the night for twenty-one straight hours before reaching a verdict. The verdict - the most bizarre in history. Many say of this trial that the verdict was a miscarriage of justice while others believe the murderer got a just sentence. You decide.

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Center Street / Hachette Book Group USA
February 12, 2008
1-59995-687-X / 978-1-59995-687-9
Historical Fiction / early 1900ís
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