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Mister Teacher
sequel to Teacher, Teacher

by Jack Sheffield

      Following on from Teacher, Teacher, headmaster Jack Sheffield describes his second year at Ragley-on-the-Forest Church of England Primary School in North Yorkshire.  To start with, he has three letters on his desk, all of which are going to assume great significance in this year.  Jack tells of the hilarious things children say, the other teachers and parents, as well as his love for Beth, who is trying to get a headship of her own, the day the gypsies came to the village, and much more.

If, like this reviewer, you are a fan of TV series, "Heartbeat," you will love this gentle foray into the recent past.  Even if you have never heard of the show, you are sure to enjoy it if you like reading about this type of thing, as Mr Sheffield does a good job, having the right light touch and a keen sense of the ridiculous.  It is also a fascinating trip down memory lane for anybody who remembers 1978: Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter, Mohammed Ali and Wonder Woman.  A time before the National Curriculum, school league tables and home computers, when children were taught about the Green Cross Code, and bottled water was a novelty.  Quite an education, in fact, for anybody not yet born, or from anywhere other than England, and very enjoyable.

The Book

Corgi (Transworld UK)
25 September 2008
0552155276 / 9780552155274
Fictionalized Memoir [1978 Yorkshire, England]
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NOTE: Mr Sheffield himself calls this a novel on his website, and explains the fictionalized setting, but with a hero named Jack Sheffield and stories based on his own experiences, it reads much more like a wonderful memoir in the tradition of James Herriott's All Creatures books and Nicholas Rhea's Heartbeat.

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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