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The Next Level:
A Parable of Finding Your Place in Life

by David Gregory

      Logan Bell, with a degree in Business Management, is looking for a new job. He applies for a job at Universal Systems, Inc after hearing that this is "the" place to work. Logan is stunned that the CEO of this huge company personally interviews everyone who walks in off the street looking for a job. Logan is further stunned when the CEO asks him what position he wants at the company. This has been the strangest interview Logan has ever experienced. Logan likes to examine how a group or an organization works and figure out ways it can work better. He is hired as an organizational analyst even though he has no experience in his background for this position. Logan's job is to hang out, see how things work, and see what the problems are. He starts off on level one. Logan thinks it would be easier to assess the organization as a whole, rather than level by level but he is instructed to begin on level one. If he successfully analyzes each of the first four levels, he will have the option of joining the CEO on the fifth level. But first Logan must succeed at his assignment on each individual level.

Two weeks into his assignment Logan submits his analysis of level one to the CEO. The response he receives is to keep on observing. After several more days of observation and further analysis the director's responses are always the same: good work, keep observing. As Logan deciphers each level he moves up to the next level. Having reached the highest level Logan is given the choice of which level he wants to be on.

The Next Level is a small book with a big message! Don't let its small size fool you - it carries a huge message. The Next Level walks us through the different levels of the Christian walk and shows us how we must each choose to advance to the next level.

The Next Level is a fun story that carries a very powerful punch! I highly recommend this book to others.

The Book

WaterBrook Press / A Division of Random House, Inc.
February 19, 2008
978-1-4000-7243-9 / 1-4000-7243-3
General Fiction / Christian Living
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Connie Harris
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