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No Time For Tears
A Walk Through Life With Ann Deane Teal

by Kellee Stone

      Ann Deane grew up observing her parents' volatile marriage. Her father had a violent temper, was unfaithful to Annís mother and even had had an affair with a minor which produced an offspring. Her parents divorced when she was in junior high school. Ann Deane had planned on attending college when the time came, but instead married Carey Daniel who was eleven years older than she. About three weeks into the marriage, Ann Deane knew she had made a mistake. Physically abused by her husband, who was becoming more and more violent by the day, Ann Deane began to live in fear. While married to Carey she gave birth to two daughters (thirteen months apart) and both of them died of what was believed to have been SIDS. It is suspected that Carey murdered the infant daughters. She divorced Carey and soon after married a man named Marc Jenson. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Carey, was still being investigated concerning the deaths of their two infant daughters. Her second marriage in no way resembled her first marriage, but nevertheless, it didn't work either.

Enter Charlie Wayne, who was to become Ann Deane's second husband. Their relationship had started out as just a friendship, but blossomed into something much stronger. Ann Deane begins suffering from a rare brain disease and undergoes two brain surgeries.

No Time For Tears is a touching and moving story. Ann Deane shows us the resilience of the human spirit and that we can and do survive the most devastating situations life throws our way. I truly enjoyed Ann Deane sharing her story with us readers. I would have liked the book to go into more detail, especially regarding the dog that is mentioned frequently throughout part of the book and then never mentioned again, and also about the outcome of the investigation into her first husband and the deaths of her two infant daughters. How did the dog die? And was Carey ever convicted of these murders? Is he even still alive? This was a wonderful book—it is just my hope that in her next book she will fill in all these details and not leave us, the readers, wondering.

The Book

September 26, 2007
Trade Paperback
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NOTE: The novel is based on the true life of Ann Deane Teal

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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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