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Oceans Apart

by Karen Kingsbury

      It is extremely rare for a book to capture me to the point that I am speechless. But Oceans Apart has made me nearly speechless. Perhaps I ought to say Karen Kingsbury has made me so. The story she weaves is captivating, exciting, thoughtful; but Kingsbury's understanding of how our lives become entangled with our own deeds and then freed by God's deeds is, to say the least, sincere and heartfelt.

Kingsbury has a unique ability to take an occurrence which happens all too often, an affair resulting in the birth of a child, and unpack the surface structure to illustrate the workings of jealousy and deceit and pride and hurt. And at the core is everyday emotional reaction which results in failing marriages, broken families, and distance from our faith. But it doesn't have to be that way and, as Kingsbury shows, forgiveness is not a fairy tale. "Love happens when people forgive," she reminds us throughout the novel, on many levels. Forgiveness isn't some human decision that happens to this depth only in novels. But if we, the readers of this amazing novel, can be still and let her words work on us, then we, too, will hear God's words: "Be still and know that I am God. My ways are not your ways." Karen Kingsbury has taken one more step to make our kingdom here look like His Kingdom.

The Book

March 25, 2008
Paperback reviewed from ARC
0061456713 / 9780061456718
Fiction / Religious
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Chris Querry
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