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Off Season

by Anne Rivers Siddons

      Off Season, by Anne Rivers Siddons starts off slow, but then picks up the momentum that you would expect from one of her books.

I love reading books where the backdrop is an area that I am very familiar with. It gives me a cozy feeling reminiscing about somewhere that I loved as a child.† This book offers that warm coziness that others lack.

The book spans the lifetime of Lilly Constable and all of the good and bad things that have happened to her during her life.† Her refuge has always been a small Maine town called Edgewater and as the book progresses you will see the true joy and hardship of this quaint little town.

Everyone remembers a bit of their past no matter how old they get or what happened along the way, and they try as hard as they might to just remember the good times.† Lilly is very similar to the rest of us in this way.† Sadness is one of those qualities that she chooses to push to the back of her memory and concentrate on the goodness.† Edgewater is a place that affords her the opportunity to do just that.

I think you will enjoy this book while vacationing, in that great reading chair in the corner of the room close to the fireplace, or even out on the back patio while soaking up some sun.† Itís a make-you-feel-good book such as you expect from Anne Rivers Siddons and she doesnít disappoint!

The Book

Grand Central Publishing
August 13, 2008
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2008
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