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Off Season

by Anne Rivers Siddons
Narrated by Jane Alexander

      The real star of Off Season is the deeply moving language and the unparalleled writing of Anne Rivers Siddons. She makes the love and laughter, the grief and pain so very real. You will laugh and cry, both, in this wonderful story of a girl's life, loves and loss on the coast of Maine.

The story begins when eleven year old Lilly Constable spends the summer at the family's house at Edgewater, on the coast of Maine. Lilly meets new friends, falls in love with the new boy, Jon, and makes one enemy; Peaches Davenport, who envies all that Lilly has, and tries her best to undermine Lilly at every turn.

Later in the story, when Lilly is 18, she meets and falls instantly in love with Cam McCall, long red hair, red beard and all. It's a fairy tale love affair...the kind young girls dream of, and Cam manages to marry Lilly in spite of her father's objections, but with his ultimate approval. This is the story of their beautiful decade’s long life together, and Lilly's loss when Cam dies unexpectedly.

When she transports his ashes to Edgewater, to be consigned to the bay, Lilly learns secrets that give her insight into their life together, along with the realization that everything may not have been as it seemed, and her beloved husband may not have been the man she thought she knew so well. Her journey is filled with emotion as she thinks about her life and tries to make a plan for the future. The surprising ending caught me off guard...I didn't see it coming.

Jane Alexander is superb as the narrator in this terrific story of life and love. Her expressive voice carries you right along with the story that you don't want to end.

The Book

Hachette Audio
August 13, 2008
Abridged Audiobook - 6 CDs / 7 hours
1600241689 / 978-1-60024-168-9
Fiction / General
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