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The Organ Grinder and the Monkey

by Sam Moffie

      The Organ Grinder and the Monkey is an engrossing, complex novel. It follows the lives of the three main characters, all coming from very different backgrounds but all ending up under the care of the same psychiatrist. The Organ Grinder and the Monkey is a well-written novel that is entertaining to read.

Seymour Petrillo is originally from Steubenville, Ohio (North East Ohio), the birth home of Dean Martin. Seymour suffers from a split personality. His personality began to fragment when his parents divorced. His grandfather was somewhat crazy and had an obsession with Dean Martin, and Seymour was very oftentimes the victim of the neighborhood thugs. All of these things, and more, contributed to Seymour's personality disorder.

Irving Hanhart is from Brookline, Massachusetts, an upper middle class community located right next to Boston. Irving's parents were the most radical members of the most radical group in Brookline. Irving always felt everything was a conspiracy.

Constance Powers is from Boardman, Ohio. She was born into what was once a very wealthy family. She didn't see any of that money when she became an adult because it had all been eaten up by alcohol, drugs, gambling, and bouts of depression. Constance's answer to everything is that everything needs an enema from the Almighty.

The Organ Grinder and the Monkey will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold it all the way through. Very intriguing book to read!

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May 13, 2008
Trade Paperback
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