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Over the Wall

by Trisha FitzGerald-Petri

      "Opposition is true friendship."
William Blake

Finnula "Fudge" Ginnane and Lilly McDermott are true opposites in every way. Fudge is a shy country lass and Lilly is a carefree, spirited Irish girl. Together the two form a lasting bond which creates a friendship that survives the span of more than fifteen years.

The duo meet while attending boarding school. From that moment there is never a dull day, for the two are inseparable. Lilly provides the adventure missing from Fudge's life and, in return, Fudge provides a sense of stability Lilly never knew existed.

Their friendship remains strong well into their adult years. The two go off to college and find their first love. The one sure thing they can always count on is their friendship. But life has a way of bringing about tragedy to even the strongest of pairs. Will Fudge and Lillyís friendship be able to weather the storm ahead?

Over the Wall is a unique piece of art in itself. Where else are you able to find an author who is able to weave together two different genres masterfully? The first part of the book reads like a young adult novel, then when the pair goes off to college it turns into a wonderful womenís fiction. I was very impressed with how the author was able to switch between these two genres. This book offers a wealth of heartfelt emotions combined with elements you usually donít find in fiction. At times I felt like this was not a work of fiction, but indeed someoneís life story emerging from the pages. Over the Wall is definitely over the top in all that it has to offer. Readers, donít miss out on a book that will long stay with you once the last page is turned. Very highly recommended.

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Reviewed 2008
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