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Payback With Ya Life
A novel
Sequel to Payback Is a Mutha

by Wahida Clark

      Payback With Ya Life is the sequel to one of Wahida Clark’s previously successful book Payback is a Mutha. Shan is back, and this time she’s not only battling the people she knows and cares about but she’s battling to keep her own life intact. Pregnant by a married man she met while at her prison job and still struggling with the death of her best friend, Shan will have some decisions made for her. When Shan decides to spend time with Briggen not everyone she knows and loves will agree with her decisions. The fact that Briggen is a wealthy, high level drug dealer and the brother of the man who got her pregnant complicates everything for Shan.

Written in street slang, Wahida Clark’s look at the life of a woman consumed by the drug culture is quite compelling. With quite a few characters, the story wanders through the streets of Memphis and then onto Detroit. Even though Shan has a job with the prison system she may not get to keep it long if Briggen has his way. Caught up in a life of drugs, money and gang life, everyone Shan has in her life will be affected in some way and some will pay with their lives.

The Book

Grand Central Publishing
May 15, 2008
044617808X / 978-0446178082
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NOTE: explicit content—language, sex, violence

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Michelle Shealy
Reviewed 2008
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