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The Red Scarf

by Kate Furnivall

      The Red Scarf is a wonderfully written, captivating novel. The cast of characters are well-defined and likeable and the scenery written so well I felt I was living the life of Sofia while engrossed in the pages of this book. The Red Scarf is an entertaining and enthralling novel to read. If you enjoy a good historical fiction novel than this is a must have - it comes highly recommended.

Sofia Morozova is twenty-six years old and sentenced to ten years in the compound referred to as "The Zone", Davinsky Labor Camp, Siberia. While a prisoner, she meets and becomes good friends with another prisoner, Anna. As times goes on and Anna's bloody cough continues to worsen Sofia comes to the realization that the only hope for Anna is if Sofia escapes and brings back help to rescue Anna from the prison.

Escaping the harsh scenes of the daily existence of Davinsky Labor Camp will cost Sofia a bullet in the head if she is caught. During the four month journey through the forest on her way to Tivil, Sofia remembers the stories Anna shared with her in the prison; Anna's stories were the only thing that carried her through her days. Most of Anna's stories revolved around Vasily Dyuzheyev, a childhood friend.

After reaching Tivil, Sofia begins her search for Vasily. Taken in by a gypsy and his daughter, Sofia soon blends in with the people of the village. She also meets and falls in love with Mikhail Pashin and all the while feels guilty because she has made a promise to Anna. With the help of Mikhail and a few other people in the village, will Sofia be able to rescue Anna before it's too late?

The Book

The Berkley Publishing Group / Published by Penquin Group
June 24, 2008
Trade Paperback
Historical Fiction - 1933 Russia
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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