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Restoration Lady

by Sue Allan

      This is the conclusion to the acclaimed trilogy which has so far numbered Mayflower Maid (amazon US || UK) and Jamestown Woman (amazon US || UK). Bessie has already had enough adventures (and misadventures) to fill several lifetimes in the New World and during the Civil War; now she must survive the rigors of Cromwell’s reign and the triumphant return of the monarchy, as well as the woes of plague and fire.

It is good to get a novel about the 17th century, which is surely the least written about century in the last thousand years. So much happened then too — and most of it gets told in these three books.  They aren’t large books either, but I invariably prefer quality to quantity and there is certainly true quality here as well as a quantity of adventures, which is the best of both for a novel.  Bessie tells the story, and she comes over very much as a woman of her time, getting under the skin of what it must have been like to have lived through such a significant period.  The other people in the book and their exploits have that all-important ring of authenticity about them too, making this very much a realistic book.   More from this author soon please — being able to spin the dross of history into the gold of story is not a common talent despite the wealth of historical fiction available.

The Book

Domtom Publishing Ltd.
May 2008
1906070075 / 9781906070076
Historical / 17th Century / London and various other locations
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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