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The Seeker in Forever

by Alan Sean Fox

      The language of this novel is oblique, making it an unusual book if nothing else. It is described as being a socio / political themed comedy about how beauty and showmanship have become central to power in today's world.

The author treats the reader as an "audience," and to me this one of the failures of the book. Unlike the great satirists such as Tom Robbins, whose work I have admired for decades, this book is so conscious of itself as show, that there is no development of it as story.

Ultimately I found it to be less about anything and more about revealing the cleverness of the writer.

The Book

StoryFocus Communications
September 19, 2006
Perfect Paperback
0976227606 / 978-0976227601
Fiction /  Literary
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Sarah Bewley
Reviewed 2008
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