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My Own Tale As Written By Me With a Goodly Amount of Murder

by Edward Chupack

      Avast me hearties! Hearken to this tale of murder, plunder, mayhem and treasure hunting told in his own words by the nefarious pirate, Long John Silver.

Captured by one unnamed, he is brought to England in his own ship to meet justice. †Confined to his cabin, aging and fever-ridden, he determines to tell the world his true story and reveal the clues to an alleged treasure in hopes of regaining his freedom from the king.

His story begins with his life at age twelve, employed by Peel, innkeeper of the Three Goats in Bristol. †He is already a seasoned thief and murderer. He goes to sea with pirate captain Black John and quickly learns all the tricks of pirates. †He plunders and murders indiscriminately, hating all nationalities. †He pursues an elusive treasure using a worn bible which contains ciphers which when solved will lead to the treasure. There is betrayal and treachery that go with the search. †Silver is a braggart, a brutal, unrepentant individual who must meet his just reward.

Silver is a fascinating read. The characters are colorfully portrayed; some taken from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island with no resemblance to the originals. The book is filled with pirate dialogue. The details about pirate life and 17th century life are all well researched. The reader can feel a part of it. †The reader may find clues to the cipher and decipher them... and if successful may find the location of the fabulous mystic treasure.

The Book

Thomas†Dunne Books / St. Martinís Press
February 19, 2008
9780312373658 / 0312373651
Historical Adventure 17th century
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2008
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