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Sleep Before Evening

by Magdalena Ball

      Marianne is faced with the question of who she really is, following the death of someone very close to her. She attempts to mask herself through the rougher parts of New York City with its drugs, sex and jazz. Marianne associates with the wrong people, and they help her hide her true self. Will Marianne be able to find herself before itís too late?

Magdalena Ballís portrayal of Marianne in Sleep Before Evening truly shows the depths to which one person could sink in their attempt to hide from the world. The characterization of Marianne is solid. She is portrayed as a person almost anybody could relate to. Her interactions with Miles, a musician who takes her in, and the other characters, both seedy and "normal," show all sides of Marianne. The depiction of the rougher side of New York City holds true and is very important to Sleep Before Evening. This story could not take place in a little hole in the wall town. The conclusion is appropriate to the story itself.

Sleep Before Evening is a great coming-of-age and finding oneself novel that most people will be able to relate to.

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Bewrite Books
July 24, 2007
General Fiction
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2008
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