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Smart Blonde

by Ron Karcz

      Is the term "smart blonde" an oxymoron? Or could it turn into the best date ever? Mid-lifer Tony Costa looks for love in his earth-bound purgatory of St. Petersburg, Florida, playground to society’s young and one-step from Heaven for the old. Costa detours from questionable love among bar hops to online dating services. The first possibility titles herself a "smart blonde": an honest, fun-loving nurse who likes dancing, walks on the beach, and a good sense of humor. The sarcastic voice inside Costa’s head trashes the ad’s cheesy lines, but her stats appeal to his basic needs. Costa uses his "Fox-E-Meter": his attractiveness formulation based on a woman’s weight divided by her height. Kiki Swift, a.k.a. Smart Blonde, shows only a slightly higher number than the ideal score of 1.9 or lower. A couple bait-and-hook emails later, they’re off to the dating races.

Costa and Kiki are a match, or at least they’re a good bedroom match. Mid-life hook-ups have baggage, and Kiki’s comes in the form of a philandering boyfriend. Costa enjoys the chase, but his relationships don’t last long after the catch. After he finally gives up the online chase, a woman stumbles into his life. Jennifer Wells, a younger single mom, is camping away her heartache of a lost job, past exes, and an insecure future. Wells watches her almost-ruined camping weekend brighten as Costa assists with outdoor know-how, a good listening ear, and his ever-present humor. Costa can’t believe the real life beauty would claim him a hero. Could this accidental meeting actually bring him true love?

In Smart Blonde, author Ron Karcz writes a humorous story of the differences between men and women in mid-life dating. The book begins with theories of evolution and the power of women over men, a funny twist to establish the main character’s ideas. Karcz uses humor well, in his narrative, dialogue, and unique phrasing. The desires for companionship and sex are described in quick chapters of the newest flavor and latest heartache. Karcz could strengthen his dialogue and use more ‘show than tell’ in his storytelling, but readers will enjoy Smart Blonde, filled with unbelievable twists and sarcastic humor.

The Book Publishing
March 2008
160264151X / 978-1602641518
Fiction / Humor
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NOTE: Sexual situations and explicit language

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