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Stand the Storm:
A Novel

by Breena Clarke

      Stand The Storm is a tale of slavery and family loyalty, the story of a woman and her son who buy their freedom and think they have entered into a new world. The woman, known as "Sewing Annie", and her son Gabriel, who's trained to be a tailor, are able to start a new life in Washington D.C. As their life prospers, their old slave master Ridley comes back to haunt them with his trickers, and possibly to claim a new family member, while threatening them with a return to slavery. Both Gabriel's, and his wife Mary's, daughters were born to free parents, but changes are being made around them that could possibly send the girls back to ownership by Gabrielís and Annieís former owner.†

Despite harrowing hardships, through cunning planning, the Coats family save their money, but are faced with decisions that will threaten the familyís well-being. War is closing in around them, and life as they know it will have to change. Running the tailor shop and doing odd jobs keeps them together, but the times are changing and freedom is a fleeting thing for this family.

Stand The Storm is a slightly disturbing book to read with the sad stories of a time when people were owned and abused simply because of the color of their skin and the belief that someone could own a human being. You can feel the hope that slaves must have had that one day they would be free to live their lives, but first they have to Stand The Storm.

The Book

Little, Brown and Company
July 28, 2008
0316007048 / 978-0316007047
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Michelle Shealy
Reviewed 2008
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