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Suddenly Single

by Shana Burton

      Suddenly Single, by Shana Burton; one word says it all, "GREAT"!

I truly enjoyed reading this book.  Who can relate to this book? Pretty much anyone who has ever been in love.  While it starts out like so many other books, it takes a quick turn to interesting and enjoyable very quickly.

Vashti Hunter is preparing for her much anticipated wedding day. Everything is in order and soon she will be a married woman, not!

Kendrick does the unthinkable; he leaves his soon-to-be-wife at the altar with only a short little note telling her that while he loves her, he is not ready to marry her.  Devastated, Vashti does what any women in this position would do, and closes herself off from the world, her friends, and her family.  Finally, she gains her courage to venture out into the real world and decides to go to church for some much needed words of wisdom.  Should be a pretty safe place, but not today.  Vashti is talking about her feelings with the pastor when he gets a little too close.  Running out of church, Vashti is beside herself wondering what she did or said that made pastor feel that he could take advantage of her emotions and her body.

After many horrible relationships, and even another engagement, Vashti finally finds solace with a man much older than she is and whom she considers a great friend.  While she is secure with their friendship, he is feeling otherwise. What will happen between these two?  What happens when Kendrick tries to come back into her life a year after he leaves her at the altar?  What is the final outcome to a very well written and enjoyable book?

The Book

Urban Christian
January 1, 2008
Christian Fiction
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2008
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