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Supreme Courtship

by Christopher Buckley
Read by Anne Heche

      Buckley, author of Boomsday (also reviewed on, pens another outstanding satirical novel.

Buckley's work offers humor on an intellectual level, which means this novel about Washington politics is well above the typical titillating scenes of sexual nonsense and occasional legal mumbo-jumbo. In Supreme Courtship expect quality entertainment and a good laugh.

In this novel, Buckley has come up with the humorous idea of a TV judge appointed to the Supreme Court as the President of the United States' way of getting back at the committee for shooting down previous nominees. President Vanderdamp is an honorable man, which makes him unlikable—and a target—in Washington. After watching a TV court series starring Judge Pepper Cartwright, he decides she's popular enough that if she's denied, the committee will face the wrath of the public. Senator Dexter Mitchell heads the committee, and uses his power to control the president. His arrogance rivals that of real life Senator Joe Biden. At one point in the storyline, Dex quits Washington to play a TV president. Judge Pepper is a sexy, charismatic, intelligent Texas Judge. In the storyline, she deals with her husband's reaction to her new job, as well as political conflicts in Washington and with the other Supreme Court Judges. It really is intellectually funny. Buckley's humor is second to none.

Hachette's audio version is read by actress Anne Heche. Having heard the high-pitched, neurotic voice Heche is known for in Hollywood, I wondered if she could pull off such a novel. Needless to say she did very well.  She gives Pepper a mean Texas Accent. Buckley's humor is very adult, so remember those headphones.

The Book

Hachette Audio
September 3, 2008
Unabridged Audiobook/ 560 minutes / 8 CDs
1600243746 / 978-1600243745
Fiction / Satire / Politics
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Reviewed 2008
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