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Swine Not?

by Jimmy Buffet
Read by L. J. Ganser, Jimmy Buffett

      Swine Not? is the comic misadventures of Rumpy, the pot-bellied pig. As the story opens, mom Ellie and twin children - son Barley and daughter Maple - live in a farm house on twenty acres of land near Vertigo, Tennessee. Rumpy and Syrup the cat finish out this family of five. Dad, Oliver, puts in an occasional appearance, but those visits are few and far between. Dad is a mostly unemployed screenwriter who had one hit and nothing more.

Barley loves soccer. Ellie coaches his team, on which Rumpy is a star goalie. The family is happy with Ellie working as a pastry chef; however, their idyllic lives are interrupted all too soon.

First, Ellie is dismissed as soccer coach when she fires a ball into the losing coach's groin area. Then, Oliver takes a job in Iceland. For Rumpy, the only flaw in her life is that her twin brother, Lukey, is in far-off New York.

Then Ellie quits her job and takes a new job as a pastry chef in a four-star hotel in - where else? - New York City. The children and Rumpy are ecstatic! Maple's favorite fashion designer is based in New York. Barley's favorite pro soccer team, the Red Bulls, also play there. Of course, Rumpy sees the move as an opportunity to find her brother.

Their job comes with an apartment on the roof of the hotel. But when Rumpy takes a stroll in Central Park, she finds a horrible truth - pigs are not welcome in New York!

The things Rumpy, Ellie and the kids do to keep Rumpy out of sight are hilarious! The book is clean and totally suitable for all ages. I love this book! And I'm recommending it to all my friends, and to you, dear readers. Buy this book. You'll never let it go!

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Hachette Audio
May 13, 2008
Audio book / unabridged / CDs
1600240461 / 978-1600240461
General fiction
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